Our Web development lifecycle

The modern web isn’t just for static websites and content consumption. It’s the most open, flexible, and immediately accessible application runtime available today, both via mobile and desktop browsers. Modern web applications use architectures that make them more like their native app counterparts on iOS and Android than apps of the web’s old guard. Business logic, instead of living on the server, now resides primarily in the browser.


With your business model, we create a product specification document & wireframes. These wireframes on your approval are converted into clickable prototypes.

Design & Development

With our frontend & backend expertise, we stay lean and rapidly deploy solutions for you. A free project manager is assigned for your project.

Quality Control

We test your project in iterations on every stage of development to deliver a bug free, stable, reliable and secure solution.

Support & Maintenance

We offer post deployment support as per your needs so you can improve product’s quality to provide more value to your client.


We try to be as modular as possible in design. This allow us to break components into loosely coupled modules. Bringing microservices architecture into application helps us to keep it maintainable and scalable.

  • Modular Development
  • Agile Development

Cloud hosting

We have the Cloud expertise and solutions to host the frontend and backend of your application and swiftly gain the economies and security the Cloud promises.

  • AWS
  • DigitalOcean
  • GCP
  • Azure


We work with NoSQL (MongoDB and Redis) and SQL (PostgreSQL and SQL Server) databases. The type of database for your application depends on the scope and type of data that needs to be stored. We keep the speed, reliability and accessibility factor into consideration.

  • MS server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • MongoDB

Quality Assurance

Quality checks are performed throughout the development lifecycle. It’s not only about detecting bugs, but also to estimate the product does what it was intended to do.

  • Functionality testing
  • API testing
  • Performance testing

Programming frameworks

The choice of framework depends on your demands. Whether you need the solution to be delivered quickly, or you need it to be scalable or you want it to be compatible with the emerging technologies or you need it to interact with an existing application.

  • Backend:
  • Laravel
  • ASP .Net
  • Node
  • Frontend:
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue.js


It is the most important aspect we consider when designing your application. We want to see your product grow and gain popularity. Our web platform is able to accommodate request as the users grow and is open for addition of modules post production.

  • Load balancing
  • Partitioning
  • Vertical scaling
  • Horizontal scaling

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