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Due to lack of media coverage 24/7 people might miss out on some events which may be of utmost importance to them. For example, a tragic accident took place at some highway but it may be possible that media coverage may not be present at that point of time due to which the relatives of the injured may not receive the updates at the time of incident.


We developed a platform which enables the community members to be a reliable and accountable source of information, by leveraging the power of real-time Geo-location, Analytics & Crowd-sourcing based technologies.

Through this platform, the community can engage with civic or government authorities, as well as private institutions resulting in good governance, promotion of personal and community safety and security, promotion of tourism and local businesses, and improving the quality of life as well as quality of services. Also, user may opt to remain anonymous to save him from getting into any issues.

Technology Stack:

  • Laravel

  • jQuery form builder

  • Google Maps, Places and Directions

  • AWS

  • Redis

  • MySQL


8 months


Words from the client

FewerClicks team is professional and has excellent people skills, I am impressed with the way they handles high pressure situations and the way they manages and motivates his team, they have shown prominent leadership skills on several occasions.

- Timi Henriques

Cofounder, Analiticomania